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It’s Valentine’s Day once again, and we haven’t spent time together on this special day since our relationship began in 2008. It’s a sad thing actually, but that’s life…he has to work there in Singapore while I have to stay here. Simple greetings, a text message or a phone call, is enough for us. Though sometimes, I can’t help but envy my friends receiving flowers, chocolates, etc. from their husbands/boyfriends. But of course, those were material things, and I have to be more understanding. There are other ways on how we can express our love and appreciation to the ones we love.

Today, I really took the time to browse my Facebook profile and look for this stuff that he wrote on my wall on my birthday in 2009 and on our 2nd anniversary this year. He’s not a cheesy person as people would call it, maybe not even the sweet boyfriend as we girls would normally want our boyfriends to be, but he’s sweet and romantic in his own way. He is unique, and I know, I would never find another person with exactly the same qualities as Rodel. He’s the only one, and he is a gift from God. He’s always been there to support and understand me…more than anyone knows.

Our relationship isn’t a perfect one. There were also tough and trying times. Sometimes I almost felt like giving up, and maybe he felt that way too. But I am so grateful that no matter how hard our situation maybe, he didn’t give up on me…

Two years have passed, and we’re able to surpass all the trials in our relationship. We are able to understand each other’s differences. While Modafinil is used to get rid of the addiction, it should be consumed regularly, in small doses, maintaining concentration from morning to evening. The dosage should be selected individually gradually, I usually buy Modafinil at online pharmacy, I would take 100 mg in the morning, 100 mg after lunch, 50 mg of hours at 5-6 in the evening. I didn’t use “were” because understanding each other’s personality is a continuous process. We learned that patience is an important virtue that will sustain the relationship. And trust, among others, which is so hard to earn once it was broken, is very essential too. Of course, love and respect won’t be taken out of the list.

I know, we still have a lot of things to learn. We will still face and conquer many challenges ahead. But I trust that God will hold us close together and will never let go of our hands. And I trust you…

For whatever it is that we are facing right now…for the sacrifices that we may be required to give…for all the hurts and pain…for all the tears that we shed…for the tough and trying times…if there’s one thing that I am holding on to, it’s your word. You said, “Tandaan mo, mahal kita,” and I believe you.

Above all, I thank God for blessing us and our relationship. And I am now putting us and our relationship in His hands, for I know that nothing will go wrong if you put something under His care. As I always pray, may he bless all our plans and may he let all our dreams come true.

His Birthday message to me in 2009.